Welcome to the World of Miami Exotic Animals!

We bring you the most intimate & personal experience in exotic animal encounters.

We’re a Federally Licensed Private Zoo that has rescued & acquired over 200 animals over the last 10 years that we care for every day. We provide Educational Experiences to Schools & Camps, Private Animal Encounters for Events & Music Videos, as well as our own unique facility rental for Special Events.

Some of the Beautiful Animals Available

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Private Encounters

Looking to add an Incredible WOW to your party
or just Love Animals as much as we do?


We can bring The Zoo To You with a special package of exotic animals for one low rate.


Packages start at just 1 Hour and ½ price for additional hours.


Yes, you can actually Hold, Pet, Play, even Feed our Human-Loving Exotic Animals.


We’ve traveled all across the East Coast; best rates available in Miami / Broward or on our property.

All Private Encounters include a professionally trained Animal Handler with over 10 years experience. We’re fully insured & have had Zero accidents or injuries to guests or animals. We intend to keep it that way, therefore we will not permit anyone overly intoxicated or acting wild to handle any of the animals.

Most Popular Package:

Includes a collection of:

  • Lemur Monkey
  • Singing & Dancing Cockatoo
  • Fluffy Chinchilla
  • 4’ Alligator
  • 12’ Albino Python Snake
  • 9’ Brown Python
  • 4’ Monitor Lizard
  • And a Baby Fennec Fox

Package#2 with Serval (2 Hours):

Includes a collection of:

  • Serval (mini Cheetah)
  • Owl
  • Albino Python
  • Lemur Monkey
  • Alligator
  • Fox
  • Anteater
  • Porcupine
  • Honeybear
  • Otter
  • And Various Critters like Scorpion, Toad, Milksnakes, etc

Classic Petting Zoo :

Includes a collection of:

  • Rent Adult Lions & Tigers (White & Bengal Tigers Available)
  • Rent a 17′ Giraffe (you can feed carrots)
  • Rent a Capuchin Monkey
  • Rent a White Camel (Super Friendly)
  • Rent a Kangaroo
  • Rent a Zebra
  • Rent a Bear
  • Rent an Elephant
  • Rent Horses or Ponies
  • Rent Flamingos
  • Rent a Tortoise
  • Rent a Wolf
  • Rent a Unicorn
  • Rent a Llama or Alpaca

Or Rent out collection of Props, including:

  • African Themed Décor Package
  • 8’ Replica Prince Aladdin’s Camel – great for Photo-Opps
  • Life Size Baby Elephant (Leather)
  • Jungle Props & JEEP
  • Palm Trees & Foliage

We can also help with your Classic Petting Zoo:

Includes a collection of Farm Animals such as:
Rabbits, Sheep, Guinea Pigs, Goats, Ducks, Silky Chickens, Mini Pigs, etc… We can also include Pony-Rides with Decorated Ponies & Unicorns!