Atlanta Exotic Animal Rental & Private Encounters

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Atlanta has had a rich History, since being founded in 1837 and has grown to become one of the coolest cities in the United States.

Ever since Outkast dropped the Wheelz of Steel in 1996, Atlanta has held a special place in our heart, and we love the opportunity to bring our Miami Flair to Hot’lanta!

While there’s almost as many Peachtree Streets as there are Peach Trees, there’s NO other company that can deliver the kind of Exotic Animal Encounters that we can.

We’ve hosted events for the hottest nightclubs & biggest names in Atlanta Music.

Popular Atlanta Packages:

Lions & Tigers:

Large Adult Tiger or Lion in Steel Cage ~approx. $7200


TWO Tigers or Lion ~ $8500 SPECIAL!


  • Possible Additional Delivery to be discussed based on final location / dates


* Note: The Lions & Tigers are in a large 8’ cage that needs to ROLL off a truck and to the final location (no stairsdirt or small single doorways).  Guests must remain at least 5-6’ away from the cage; we’ll provide a thin rope & attendant.

 + Add On The Interactive Animals from Package 2 at $1800

*Capuchin Monkey

*Colorful Macaw Parrots

*Fennec Fox


*Various Size Snakes

*Honeybear Kinkajou


White Lion
The Bengal Tiger


Our ‘Biggest’ animal available in Atlanta is the 17’ Full Size Giraffe!

Guests can feed him carrots and pet him as he leans over the low-height pen to say hello and sniff your hands.

Our Giraffe can also come with his friend the Zebra as a Package Deal!

  • Requires at least 20’x20’ for Giraffe & 12’x12’ for Zebra

Animals Enjoying Private Parties

The Giraffe
White Camel
Back to Africa Collection Photoshoot

Many of our animals have appeared in National Magazine & Television commercials. We’ve provided services for artists such as: Farruko, Pizza-Zoo, Bad Bunny, Univision, Latin Music Awards and many other commercial productions. Services include: Exotic Animals, Props & Scenic, Old-Fashioned Ranch, Exotic Cars, Yachts, Mansions, Top-Quality Models & Dancers.

Bobo The Cockatoo

Gigi The Lemur

Snowball the Camel

Other Animals on Request – Call us 888.398.7088 or Text 954.299.0209.

See our Homepage for more Animals Available!