Best Orlando Exotic Animals Package:

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Large Adult Tiger or Lion in Steel Cage ~approx. $6500


TWO Tigers or Lion ~ $7800 SPECIAL!


  • Possible Additional Delivery to be discussed based on final location / dates


* Note: The Lions & Tigers are in a large 8’ cage that needs to ROLL off a truck and to the final location (no stairsdirt or small single doorways).  Guests must remain at least 5-6’ away from the cage; we’ll provide a thin rope & attendant.


Our ‘Biggest’ animal available in Orlando is the 17’ Full Size Giraffe!

Guests can feed him carrots and pet him as he leans over the low-height pen to say hello and sniff your hands.

Our Giraffe can also come with his friend the Zebra as a Package Deal!

  • Requires at least 20’x20’ for Giraffe & 12’x12’ for Zebra
Honeybear Kinkajou
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Other Animals on Request – Call us 888.398.7088 or Text 954.299.0209.

See our Homepage for more Animals Available!