Best Kayak Trails in Florida

Florida is the perfect location for year-round canoeing & kayaking thru the numerous waterways across our state.

Jupiter, Florida, USA inlet and light house.

We’re home to 58 designated paddling trails as well as the the goliath 1,515-mile Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail, known as The CT, which starts at Big Lagoon State Park near Pensacola, extends around the entire peninsula of Florida and the Keys, and then ends at Fort Clinch State Park near the Georgia border!

If you’re daring enough for that feat, check out Mike Ruso’s guide to conquering The CT at

Otherwise, our guide below will help you find a local water trail to take your own floatation device or rent a kayak at the park.

Click Here to view the 32 segments of waterways and launch points.


Be mindful of these General Safety Tips when embarking on your journey:

  • Always wear a personal floatation device when on the water.
  • Have a plan and a Back-Up Plan.  Leave that plan with someone on shore.
  • Bring a first aid kit, plenty of water and snacks.
  • Check the condition of your gear before departure.
  • Wear water shoes & quick dry clothing if possible
  • When paddling in a group, never paddle beyond the abilities of your weakest paddler.
  • Bring a basic repair kit, bilge pump, sunglasses, sun screen and bug repellant.
  • Consider bringing a spare paddle.
  • Always carry at least one form of communication (cell phone, VHF radio, satellite messenger, etc.)
  • Always check the weather right up to departure time, and during longer trips.
  • Check the tide charts before departure, and be aware how weather, especially winds, affect the tides. Low tides on the Big Bend, Nature Coast, and Florida Bay areas of special concern in the winter months.
  • In cold months, be aware of the symptoms and treatment for hypothermia. Cold water can be extremely dangerous.
  • Lights on another vessel are green on its starboard (right) side and red on its port (left) side.
  • At night, a white light must be displayed to all oncoming traffic.

Have fun & send us some photos of the natural wildlife you discover!

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