Is it Okay to Feed Wild Animals?

We live in the beautiful state of Florida; abundant beaches, plants & wildlife. As we continue to develop open land, we sometimes interfere with wild animals native environments and invite their curiosity into ours.

If you encounter a wild animal in Florida, the simple answer is: 

Never Feed The Wildlife

Feeding wild animals can create a dependency on human feeding or reduce the animal’s fear of humans which may result in conflicts or the need for the animal to be removed or even killed in order to protect public safety.

In some cases, feeding wildlife is actually illegal in Florida.

As listed on, species with rules related to feeding include bears, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, pelicans, alligators, crocodiles, sandhill cranes, and wild monkeys.

How to secure your home against unwanted intruders:

Animals are great, but when uninvited wildlife guests start considering your home as their personal country club with outstanding amenities, problems can arise for you & your neighbors. Wildlife will return to unsecured food sources, even after just one visit and can quickly become addicted to the comforts of Human life.

Below is a Guide on How To Secure Your Home & Backyard from tempting Animals.


how wildlife sees your backyard
Keep People, Pets and wildlife safe

If you’re really interested in feeding wild animals, contact Miami Exotic Animals at 888.398.7088 or visit for more info.

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